"Brennan is a thoughtful composer,
not merely a slick executor...
convincing, entire and very beautiful."

Richard Cook & Brian Morton,
The Penguin Guide to Jazz, London


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solo piano:
The Beauty of Fractals Iritations Text, Context, Co-Text & Co-Co-Text The Well-Prepared Clavier Flügel pictures in a gallery  
pago libre: (www.pagolibre.com)
Pago Libre: Extempora pago libre pagoLibre: wakeLupLcall pagolibre cinémagique pagoLibre phoenix  
triangulation & other free spirits:
Triangulation Henceforward Zero Heroes En tropo logy Minute Age Nisajo: BRINK MAN SHIP  
MOMENTUM MOMENTUM 2: The law of refraction MOMENTUM 3 MOMENTUM 4      
pipelines, tango & organIC voICes:
piplines pipelines at KKL OrganIC VoICes HeXtet: Through the Ear of a Raindrop ENTUPADAS Broken Dreams live  
sonic poetry:
I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S. sculpted sound Ich zerreisse dich wie einen Fisch Arpiade Klick, klick, ihr Sätzlinge Moskau - Petuschki  
the art of the duo:
Mountain Hymn An Chara Polyphyllum M.A.P. Music for Another Planet TenZen Time jumps and Space cracks  
classics, folk & the blues:
Bestiarium Groupe Lacroix – The Composer Group Groupe Lacroix - 8 Pieces on Paul Klee Luzern more new blues celtic country dances  
aurealis, glockenspiel & klanggang:
Aurealis klanggang Glockenspiel Willisau live and more Shooting Stars & Traffic Lights    

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