john wolf brennan


sources along the songlines [1979-1991]

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Sound File1 aus "Voyager"
Sound File2 aus "Frozen Tear"

This 2CD-compilation edited and mastered at Gody Berger‘s
A.R.S. studio, Sedel, Lucerne, May 27, 2004
Engineer: Ueli Karlen

Produced by Mike Wider & John Wolf Brennan for Creative Works Records
Liner Notes: Peter Monaghan, Seattle/USA
Graphic Art: Margaret Thorne, Zurich
Cover Photo: ©Livio Piatti, Zurich
(Hotel Therme, Vals, November 2002)

“Keep in Touch“ is dedicated to the memory of the late Urs Blöchlinger (1954-1995), with special thanks to Regula Wicki-Blöchlinger


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