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p a g o  l i b r e :
w a k e  u p  c a l l

(l i v e  i n  I t a l y)


Tscho Theissing - violin, voice
Arkady Shilkloper - french horn, flugelhorn
John Wolf Brennan - piano, melodica
Daniele Patumi - double bass
Sound File aus "Kabak" (636kB)


1 Wake Up Call
Tscho Theissing
2 Tupti-Kulai
John Wolf Brennan
3 African Blossom
Daniele Patumi
4 Toccattacca
John Wolf Brennan
5 Folk Song
Arkady Shilkloper
6 Synopsis
John Wolf Brennan
7 Kabak
John Wolf Brennan
8 Kobra
Arkady Shilkloper
Total duration: 69:39 minutes

Recorded live direct to 2-track at the «Sol Fest» Festival,
Chiostro della Badia, Lentini, Sicily, Italy, September 28, 1997,
by Stefano Maltese, assisted by Salvo Amore
mastered at Hardstudios, Winterthur, January 27 and March 1, 1999
by Andreas Brüll, assisted by Tscho Theissing and John Wolf Brennan
All music published by Alissa Publishing/PRS.

Cover Painting: Thomas Lüchinger, Zürich; Artwork: Lora Denis;
Photos: Nique Nager; Liner Notes: Alex Kan
Produced by Leo Feigin and Pago Libre

Leo Records, England
Leo CD LR 272
Release date: 1999


CH-6353 Weggis