p i p e l i n e s

live at lucerne festival 2001


Hans Kennel – trumpet, alphorn, büchel, voice
John Wolf Brennan – pipe organ, melodia
Marc Unternährer – tuba
Sound File aus "Dance Five"


1. Numinous (Kennel) 4:41
2. Echo (Brennan) 2:07
3. Scoop Loop (Brennan)
[after Paul Klee’s “Park bei Luzern”, 1939]
4. Dance Five (Kennel) 5:14
5. Yet another different train (Brennan)
[after Steve Reich]
6. An Answer to Charles
[after Charles Ives]
7. T.N.T. / Twelfth Night Tango (Brennan) 3:35
8. All Mortal Flesh (trad./arr. Kennel/Brennan) 4:00
9. Thomas Jüüzli(trad./arr. Kennel) 1:31
10. T.I.T. (Tuba in Transit) (Unternährer) 2:10
11. Habarigani (Kennel) 7:00
12. Le Tango d’E.S. (Erik Satie/arr.Brennan) 4:10
Total duration: 49:07

Recorded live at the Salle Blanche, KKL, Lucerne,
September 7, 2001 by Lukas Wicker, Lucky Music GmbH
Mastered by Benno Hofer at Tonart, Basel
Band Photo by Georg Anderhub, Cover and label photo:
Lukas Wicker. Cover art: Margaret Thorne, Zurich, based on a concept
by Cristina Bonetti, Lucerne
Produced by Mike Wider & Hans Kennel

©2005 Creative Works Records CW 1043


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