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Christy Doran - acoustic & electric guitars
John Wolf Brennan - piano, arcopiano, prepared strings,
electric piano, organ, pipe organ, melodica
Patrice Héral - cajón & assorted percussion instruments,
voice, live sampling, cymbals, men's choir
Sound File "Tribal Link - Two" (800kB)


1. Mind matters 4:49
2. Tribal Link — One 1:13
3. To the Peak (and back) 4:29
4. Envelope Generator 4:33
5. Tribal Link — Two 1:41
6. Throng Song 5:22
7. Scuppernong Song 3:42
8. A Day in the Life of a Siren
(who mistook her Husband for an Umbrella)
9. Tribal Link — Three 1:21
10. Ambi(val)ent Amplitude 6:22
11. m = ec2 7:28
12. Voltage Oscillator
intro: live at klanggang Museum of Art Lucerne, KKL, 04/10/03
13. Opéra perdu (per due; per tre)
dedicated to Sergey Kuryokhin (1954-96): «Subway Culture» 1985
Total duration: 68:48

All compositions ©2003 SUISA by Brennan/Doran/Héral
Recorded during three evening hours of August 24, 2003 at Hardstudios Winterthur, Switzerland
Engineer: Moritz Wetter. Mixed & mastered on September 23, 2003 by Moritz Wetter,
with Christy Doran and John Wolf Brennan, Hardstudios Winterthur.
Final mastering: November 11, 2003 by Andreas Brüll
Liner Notes: Peter Monaghan, Seattle, USA
Graphic Art: Lora Denis
Cover Photo: Regula Vollenweider (Kerenzerberg)
Liner Photos and concept: John Wolf Brennan (Rigi-Kulm)
Studio Photos: Moritz Wetter
Subtray Art: Enya Evanna Wolf (*1995)

CD plays Guild acoustic and ESP electric guitars, Matchless and AER amps, and GHS strings
PH plays a cajón (wooden box) made by himself, endorses PRO-MARK sticks,
uses a BOOMERANG Phrase Sampler and Paiste Cymbals
JWB plays a Steinway D grand piano, Yamaha keyboards and a Hohner melodica

- scupper: opening in a ship's side for draining water from the deck
- skipper: the captain of a ship or boat, aircraft or sports team
- nong: a fool (expression from New Zealand)
- throng: a crowd, multitude of assembled people
- e = mc2 (Einstein's unique formula: energy is the equivalent of mass multiplied
by the speed of light squared)
- m = ec2 (music is the equivalent of energy multiplied by creativity squared)

Many thanks to:
• Peter Fischer, director Museum of Art, Lucerne
• Herbert Pfortmüller
• Stiftung Wendepunkt
• Esther & Peter Straub
• Regula Vollenweider & Reinhard Nesper
• Marianne, Christelle & Béatrice
• Kulturförderung Kanton Luzern

Leo Records, England
Leo CD LR 388
Release date: 2004


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