Portrait of an Irish-Swiss artist on the rocks: on Mweenish Island, Connemara, Ireland
(Photo: Béatrice Wolf)

...and on the Great Mythen, Schwyz
(Photo: Rolf Bösch)


Many people have asked me about my work. This website hopes to answer some of those questions concerning my work as composer, musician, and writer.

In clicking on the vertical keyboard on the left side,
Gallery of Sound
provides you with an overview of the albums recorded so far
lists various articles dealing with the art of sound and many other
subjects (mostly in German, some in English)

Also, you’ll find information about ensembles I have the pleasure to work with, such as pago libre, Momentum, pipelines, Triangulation, HeXtet,  Melos Montis, Zero Heroes, Broken Dreams, Sculpted Sound, Aurealis, and others.

If you want any more you can sing it yourself,
or contact me at: johnwolf@brennan.ch

Thanks for your visit.

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