Ten Swiss Grammys
for John Wolf Brennan

Swiss press agency sda. 14.11.2000


Berne/Switzerland (sda.) John Wolf Brennan‘s newest album “Momentum 2” (Leo Records LR 296), recorded by the Irish-Swiss composer and pianist together with bass clarinettist Gene Coleman (Chicago), cellist Alfred Zimmerlin (Zurich) and percussionist Christian Wolfarth (Zurich), has been awarded the prestigious “Sélection” by Swiss Radio International. Similar to the American “Grammy”, the winner of this prize is nominated by an international jury in the sectors of classical music, contemporary jazz, folk and rock music. This year, Brennan‘s organ/trumpet album “pipelines” with Hans Kennel and Marc Unternährer as well as his trio “Entropology” with British saxophonist Simon Picard and legendary AMM percussionist Eddie Prévost have already received the award; last year, it was the paneuropean quartet «Pago Libre» with Russian hornist Arkady Shilkloper, Viennese violinist Tscho Theissing and Italian contrabassist Daniele Patumi; and in 1998 his solo album “The Well-Prepared Clavier” won the prize. All in all, from 1997 to 2000 no less than ten of his works have been award-winning — this constituting an absolute record. In the fields of contemporary classical music, improvisation and jazz, John Wolf Brennan is acknowledged as one of the most creative musicians in Europe.

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